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47 Replies to “Cornelius Music Video”

  1. 外人のコメントばかりなのが嬉しいような、寂しいような…

  2. I've known about this song for years but it's still so beautiful. Thank you Keigo Oyamada for your beautiful creation.
    Also, thank you to the person for creating what I believe to be the English translation,
    honyakukonnyaku. livejourna. com/15284. html ( with no spaces )
    And thank you to Hinanjo for uploading!

  3. 窓の外 雨の音 (Mado no soto, ame no oto) – Outside of the window, the sound of rain. Of course, Cornelius' lyrics are always very cryptic, so there's a chance it's intended to be heard in more than one way.

  4. armonía y ritmos perfectos, excelentes melodías!! que mas podes pedir??? excelente, magnifico, totalmente revolucionario musicalmente! me gusta mucho esta música se nota?? jaja

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