Music of Game of Thrones – Light of the Seven (Live)

Full Album:

The new album “Music of Game of Thrones” is out now! The album contains 21 newly recorded tracks with the 85 piece City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra (and choir).

Here’s one of the epic tracks from the album, “Light of the Seven”.

1. Main Title
2. Goodbye Brother
3. Finale (From “Season 1”)
4. Warrior of Light
5. Winterfell
6. Mother of Dragons
7. A Lannister Always Pays His Debts
8. Dracarys
9. Mhysa
10. Two Swords
11. You Are No Son of Mine
12. The Children
13. Blood of the Dragon
14. Dance of Dragons
15. Atonement
16. Son of the Harpy
17. Light of the Seven
18. Khaleesi
19. Winter Has Come
20. Hear Me Roar
21. The Winds of Winter

Released February 24th 2017

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39 Replies to “Music of Game of Thrones – Light of the Seven (Live)”

  1. Ayyy nooooo esto me hizo sentir desesperación, tristeza, dolor, asombro creo q de todas las escenas por la musica esta fue la q mas me impacto… Es excelente a pesar de que odio a Cersei la interpretación fue impecable. Excelente !!! 👏🏻👏🏻

  2. "forget about the bloody Gods and listen to what I'm telling you! Cercei understand the consequences of her absence and she's absent anyway, wich means that she doesn't intend to suffer those consequences"

  3. À la lumière de ce samedi 13 avril, célébrons le septième jour de la semaine annonçant l'arrivée tant attendue de cette huitième saison… Soit dimanche 14 avril ! Que la lumière des sept soit sur vous et que le meilleur gagne le throne ❤️

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