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30 Replies to “The Black Keys – Go [Official Music Video]”

  1. I once was about to hook up with this guy. He wasn’t the most exciting or attractive dude, but it had been a while and he was good enough, considering.
    Both our shirts were off, but before we actually started to have sex he said he was gonna put on some music.
    He put on the Black Keys.
    I left. I didn’t even say anything. When he turned around, my shirt was back on. He kept saying “what’s wrong?!”
    I just had to get away from that horrible music.

  2. Awesome work lads. This new music perfectly blends the heavy blues of rubber factory and the energetic rock of el camino. The albums going to be a good one.

  3. A bit popish…. just sayin. Probably looking for a broader market. Really not impressed, at all. Sorry BK, I'm all about good stuff like the first album. Too many too fast…

  4. Haven't been feeling the new releases as much, hopefully the rest of the album delivers! But I'm happy to see they're still as funny as ever!

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