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I’m hosting a new series for the ABC here in Australia. Watch it now on Triple J radio’s YouTube channel! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=ELh1hyy4KCFkI3LUWvud73qg

Have you ever wondered why we sing? Or what happens in our bodies when we “feel” a beat? And really, does classical music actually make you smarter?

What Is Music is a weekly, 15-part series trying to answer all these questions and more. Dive deep into how music works and how it works on us with hosts Linda Marigliano (triple j radio) and Dan Golding (composer). Subscribe so we can let you know when new episodes drop!


Linda Marigliano –
Facebook – https://bit.ly/2NAOwjC
Instagram – https://bit.ly/2NBL2NN
Twitter – https://bit.ly/2OatdH0

Dan Golding –
Twitter – http://bit.ly/2myGfkG
Website – http://bit.ly/2NAOYOQ


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10 Replies to “What Is Music trailer”

  1. This reminds me a bit of the ‘How Music Works’ miniseries with Howard Goodall from back in the early 2000s. This could be interesting.

  2. Hey Dan, glad to see you're doing this. Check out this link – this is a very interesting view on music from a teacher I had at Berklee. Sheldon Mirowitz has also thought quite a bit about the deepest nature of music, and I think he could add a lot to what you have to say. If this intrigues you, hit him up – and if you use his ideas, don't forget to give credit. 😉


  3. This looks like a TV series. I hate this style of montage and fake talking to camera. I can feel that producer sitting in a chair saying to you – "I KNOW BETTER HOW TO MAKE THIS VIDEO, MAKE IT FLASHY AND HYPERFAKEHAPPY. AND CUT IT AND PUT SOME PEOPLE DANCING!" Dayum, so bad. This is why we dont watch TV anymore. But anyway, good you got this job as host.

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