The Brooklyn Tabernacle Music Conference 2017 Promotional Video

We are pleased to invite you to join us for our 2017 Music Conference here at The Brooklyn Tabernacle later this year. The theme for 2017 is “Sing with Joy.” We have added some new and exciting elements for this year’s conference, and we are believing that this will be a life-changing event for all

North American Conference on Video Game Music – Keynote by Winifred Phillips, Game Music Composer

Winifred Phillips, famous for her work as a game music composer and for her MIT Press book, A Composer’s Guide to Game Music (purchase on Amazon here:, discusses the effects of music on the intellect and how this impacts gameplay in this video excerpt from her Keynote Speech at the North American Conference on

Daniel Müllensiefen: Music, Brands & Advertising – Reeperbahn Festival Conference 2015

In this talk we present a framework for understanding the psychological mechanisms that are crucial for effective branding and advertising. We’ll show how music can be a perfect instrument for making advertising and branding more effective and explain why music is particularly important in the context of long-term brand building strategies (as opposed to short-term

Whitney Broussard, Framed! Conference Music Sampling

Music lawyer Whitney Broussard describes how law can change the kind of music that gets made, and how clearance processes can make the whole artistic community poorer. Mr. Broussard is a partner at Selverne, Mandelbaum & Mintz, a law firm specializing in entertainment law; representing a wide range of clients such as Ludacris, Twista, and

Virginia Music Educators Association Conference

Shenandoah Conservatory music education students can get a glimpse into their futures and make necessary connections by attending the annual Virginia Music Educators Conference. They also run into alumni of the music education program, who are now making a difference in classrooms across the state. source

Yale Popular Music & Society in Iran Conference – WOMEN & MUSIC

Panel – From State Policy on the Female Voice to Women Musicians’ Narratives | Nahid Siamdoust, Yale University: “The Islamic Republic and Solo Female Singing”; Paola Messina, Arab Studies Institute: “Reclaiming Stage and Image: Iranian Women Musicians, In Their Own Voices”; moderated by Farzaneh Hemmasi, University of Toronto)| Conference: Popular Music & Society in Iran:

Music Encoding Conference 2016 Lecture Recital

“How do we “see” sound? Digital encoding of music for computers is merely the most recent in a long line of methods for communicating music from one person to another. For centuries the only way people could share music was to transcribe sounds as visual symbols on parchment and paper. The Music Encoding Conference (May